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Why Val Montgomery?

Val Knows Numbers and Val Knows People

As a corporate professional in accounting for her entire working life Val has been entrusted by various corporations to help maintain their fiscal health and ensure fiscal responsibility. Now Val wants to do the same for you and your tax dollars and the state of Illinois.

An experienced service and volunteer coordinator, for over 30 years Val has dedicated herself to the growth of the communities around her, and the world. Val’s experience includes hurricane recovery and response, international soup kitchen volunteer activities and coordination, and volunteer coordination and work for Chicago Food Depository, Toys for Tots, Feed My Starving Children, Poised For Success, Chicago Cares, One Warm Coat, Cell Phones for Soldiers, American Lung Assoc. Fight for The Climb, and Sandwich Board Soup Kitchen.

For Val, serving Illinois is a way of life.

We Need Change


Too many representatives “sit on their seats” term after term with little to no opposition and challenge. What is their motivation to affect change and disrupt the status quo? There is none.

Illinois is facing historic and unprecedented challenges, and the status quo has failed us. As an experienced and career financial professional, Val vows to work with you and with her colleagues in the Illinois House to find solutions to the fiscal crisis that is destroying Illinois.

As an experienced community liaison, Val understands that affecting change means working for all of us, not just some of us. Whether your collar is blue or white, or your family arrived here in the age of the ship or the plane; Illinois belongs to you. Val understands that it’s her job to work in your best interest, not special interests, and that’s why she is running.

Val Montgomery: For you. For Illinois.

Be a Catalyst of Change

Val can't win this race without your help. Flyering, word-of-mouth, and donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.

We want to empower citizens to work with leaders on solutions that will work best for our communities and seek feedback from the people for real-time understanding of their communities so we can improve and innovate together.

You can help change the system in Springfield by volunteering and donating if you are able.  Subscribe today.