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Campaign Events

Contact me if you want to join me canvassing.  You will find me most weekends knocking on doors and talking to voters and I welcome your help.

Come to the Election Open House on Sunday, June 24.  If you can’t make that, check back for information on my next fundraiser or coffeee.

Check out my photo gallery to see photos of me on the campaign trail.


This section will be updated regularly to reflect my positions on issues important to Illinois voters.

1.  Does Val support the ERA in Illinois?  

The short answer is yes.  To those who say we don't need it, I ask them why in 2018 women still only earn .79 on the dollar and women of color only .60 on the dollar compared to men.

2.  The Zero Tolerance Policy in effect at our border is heart breaking, cruel, and unnecessary.  Click here for updates.