Val's Platform

Fiscal Responsibility Matters

  • Val has worked for over 25 years in the accounting departments in the telecommunications industry and knows how to budget. She will put her experience to work for the residents of District 41 and the state of Illinois to be fiscally responsible. Share your ideas on the state budget below.
  • It's time to start creating and working on solutions. Val Montgomery is dedicated to solutions, and to you. 

A strong middle class

  • Val supports the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA), which will create good jobs, not only for developers of Renewable Energy projects in Illinois, but also for training programs throughout the state to keep installation jobs for Illinoisans.
  • Val wants to create good, well-paying jobs through infrastructure projects that also benefit businesses, such as repairing and maintaining our roads and bridges, the infrastructure for rail, electrical grids and finding cheap, alternative sources of electricity. 
  • Val supports a public education system that works for every student in Illinois. Val believes that a strong public education system from Early Childhood Education through Higher Education promotes economic growth in Illinois.  A well-educated workforce is the economic backbone of our state.

Val’s Values

  • Val believes in good government policies that support veterans, workers, the disabled, seniors, and our most vulnerable citizens.
  • Val will be an advocate for restoring funding to mental health services and substance abuse treatment programs that Governor Rauner has slashed every year in office.
  • Val believes that her vote in the Illinois House will not belong to her. It will belong to the people of the 41st District. She will use that vote to ensure her constituents are being fairly represented in the Illinois Legislature.
  • As a former Navy wife, Val knows first hand the sacrifices made by our armed services and their families. This is why Val will staunchly defend veterans’ rights and benefits.

Recent quotes from Val

"When you are a 21st Century woman who is balancing a career and a family, you have to be like the Army: you need to do more before breakfast than most people do all day."

"I think we can balance the budget without raising taxes, fight waste, fraud, and corruption, all while protecting our most vulnerable citizens, and providing a safety net."

"I think one of the things that makes Illinois great is its inclusiveness and its willingness to embrace people of all cultures and backgrounds. Because of that, I support both state and federal laws that protect immigrants and their families. What I can't support is using immigants and their families as political pawns."

”I think it is time to ratify the ERA in Illinois.  Women still earn less than men for comparable work.”

"I don't want you to send me to Springfield to represent the Illinois Democratic Party. I want you to send me to Springfield represent the people of District 41, ALL the people of District 41."  (Emphasis in the original.)